ESPN Radio Affiliate Will Not Broadcast East Carolina Game After Marching Band’s Anthem Protest

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-12-52-20-pmFollowing a National Anthem protest on Saturday by several members of the East Carolina University marching band, an ESPN Radio affiliate is refusing to carry the school’s football game this week against South Florida.

ESPN Radio 100.1 WFAY Fayetteville is dropping Saturday’s game in what the parent company’s CEO calls a “protest to the protest.”

In a statement shared below by WTVD sports anchor Mark Armstrong, Colonial Media CEO Jeff Andrulonis called the protests “shameful,” and said “a message needs to be sent.”

“(R)oughly a dozen band members disgraced themselves on the football field this past weekend,” Andrulonis said. “I’m proud of our country and I’m proud of our soldiers.”

Andrulonis claims to have unanimous support from station sponsors on the move, though he hasn’t spoken to all of them yet.

“They’re college students and it’s about time they get an education on the concept that their actions have consequences,” Andrulonis said. “And the consequence in this case is that the ECU Pirates will not be heard on ESPN Fayetteville this weekend.”

The “protest to the protest” is only scheduled to last for one week. The station currently plans to carry next week’s East Carolina game.

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