Fox and Friends: Ending Unemployment Benefits Might Get People To Sober Up And Take A Job

With record numbers of unemployed Americans, the federal benefits for those looking for work have become somewhat of a hot topic of late. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz recently made some news when he claimed that America was likely destined to become a “third world country” if Congress didn’t extend unemployment efforts. The other side of the absurd version of this debate? Brian Kilmeade posting that the unemployed need to get off the benefits so they can “sober up and take a job.” Huh?

While it is undeniable that many unemployed Americans have become reliant on benefits for them to make ends meet, its a tad hyperbolic for Kilmeade to suggest that all an unemployed individual needs to do is get off of benefits, “sober up” and take a job. He’s not oversimplifying things a tad, is he?

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