Gary Johnson Trolls Trump By Promising Not To Deport Melania

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.57.02 PMLibertarian candidate Gary Johnson took a bite out of Donald Trump on Thursday by giving a snarky take on the legal questions surrounding his wife’s immigration status.

Melania Trump is the subject of reports today that are examining whether she technically broke immigration laws before she became an American citizen. Mrs. Trump has called the reports “inaccurate,” but questions remain about whether she violated the terms of her visa when she did a photoshoot in the U.S. before she began the citizenship application process.

Johnson has expressed deep disapproval of Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, and he decided to jump in on the commotion by trolling the real estate mogul with an immodest proposal on the matter today. Specifically, Johnson pointed out that his legislation would certainly enable Mrs. Trump to achieve citizenship even if she entered the country illegally.

While Donald Trump is running on a platform to deport 12 million people, apparently including his own wife, Johnson-Weld stands for allowing people in Melania’s circumstances to stay if they learn English, pay their back taxes, and pay a fine.

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