Glenn Beck Announces New Service to Fight Back Against NSA, Email Snooping

Since the NSA revelations came out over the summer, people have flocked to different web services in order to be less susceptible to government snooping while on the computer. Now Glenn Beck is getting into the game with a new service of his own, called 1791 Email. He branded it as going specifically after Google, pledging that unlike Gmail, his e-mail service won’t scan user e-mails and/or create targeted ads based on them.

Beck already has a company called 1791, though for now it only sells jeans. Services like search engine DuckDuckGo and communication encryption service Silent Circle have seen a boost in usage since the NSA revelations gave out, and Beck’s 1791 Email service, debuting later this year, is jumping on the privacy bandwagon.

Beck explained, “We will guarantee that you will never, ever, ever have your e-mails scanned.” The service would be free for current Blaze subscribers.

Beck pledged that the service won’t “surrender” anything without a warrant, saying they believe too much in the Constitution to do otherwise. And say what you will about Beck, note the contrast between his comments and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer calling it “treason” to defy the NSA.

Watch the video below, via The Blaze:

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