Judge Napolitano on Hope Hicks ‘White Lies’ Comment: ‘Inexplicable That She Would Say That’

Judge Andrew Napolitano is not buying the idea that White House Communications Director Hope Hicks resignation was a long time coming.

Appearing as Outnumbered’s #OneLuckyGuy on Thursday, Napolitano suspects that Hicks’ reported admission to the House Intelligence Committee that she’s told “white lies” for President Donald Trump has more to do with her departure than the administration is letting on.

“[T]hat language apparently infuriated the president and it preceded her announced departure,” Napolitano said. “The White House is trying to walk this back saying she’d been planning for a long time to leave. It’s hard to believe that the two are not related to each other.”

The Judge went on to say that he believes the “white lies” comment — reportedly made as part of testimony which was supposed to be kept secret — was possibly leaked by somebody looking to push Hicks out the door.

“People leak when they want to damage are control the message. So somebody wanting to harm her, or push her along on what she says was her longstanding decision to leave at some point leaked this out. And it’s inexplicable why she would say that, or she was talking about. And supposedly the president was furious.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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