Limbaugh Responds to Conservatives Upset at Him for Boosting Trump: You’re Scapegoating

limbaughA few conservative writers have publicly expressed some frustrations with Rush Limbaugh for boosting Donald Trump and defending him despite his not-so-conservative credentials. Well, today, Limbaugh fired back.

He brought up how people are calling him a “sellout” and asked if they’re so concerned about stopping Trump, why aren’t they endorsing anyone?

Limbaugh cried that establishment resistance to Trump (even in conservative circles) is only pushing people towards him more, and “while they sit here and criticize me for not taking Trump out, they admit they haven’t been able to do so, either.”

Basically, he thinks he’s being scapegoated:

“They turn to me as a source of blame for the fact that Trump hasn’t been taken out, despite the fact that they’ve tried. But I don’t see where they’ve endorsed other people. I don’t see where they have actually engaged in the behavior they demand that I engage in.”

Listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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