Maher Defends Police: Without Them, ‘This Country Would Look Like That Movie, The Purge

Screen-Shot-2016-07-13-at-7.29.25-PMPolice officers were shot and killed during an otherwise peaceful Black Lives Matter protest last week and commentators and protesters have been tasked with reiterating that BLM and associated movements don’t condone violence against law enforcement. Bill Maher took his opportunity as a guest on Hardball tonight to tell Chris Matthews that he supports the majority of police.

He pointed out that police culture needs work, which is a stance held by plenty of movement leaders. Most are not anti-cop; most simply want cops to disavow the killing of non-threatening black people and work with the community to prevent it.

Here is Maher explaining why police are necessary:

So, there you have it. An occasionally-reviled paragon of left-leaning values has spoken. Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with hating cops and everything to do with respecting those who do their jobs, protect, and serve.

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