Maxine Waters: Evidence of Collusion Between Trump and Russia Could Lead to Impeachment

It’s no secret that Maxine Waters wants Donald Trump impeached.

The California representative has tweeted about it and led chants about it. She’s called it her “greatest desire.” Listen, this woman wants Trump out. Just in case she hasn’t already made it clear through all of that, she appeared on MSNBC today to tell Joy Reid how badly she wants to see him impeached, too.

While chatting with the weekend host, Waters said that the possible “Russia connection” is a “serious issue.”

“I’ve always said that I believe there was collusion,” Waters enthused. “If we determine the facts, if the dots are connected that there has been collusion then I really do think that this president could be impeached.”

Like some of her colleagues, she said that Trump wants Americans to focus on other things but insisted it’s important that we all stay vigilant about the possibility of Russian collusion.

Watch above.

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