McCain: Young People Outraged at NSA Have Forgotten About 9/11

John McCain recently appeared on Dan Patrick‘s radio show, and in talking about the leaked Donald Sterling tape, McCain noted how young people are so outraged with what the NSA’s been doing because they and most of the country have forgotten the lessons of 9/11. Patrick asked about the issues surrounding Sterling’s racist rant being secretly recorded. McCain just sighed and said, “It’s the world we live in.”

He told Patrick, “Everything I say, I expect to be recorded. And that’s just––that’s the way we live, Dan. I mean, it’s something you’ve got to accept.”

McCain brought up American paranoia about the NSA listening to their phone calls and invoked 9/11 as a reason the NSA needs to keep doing what it’s doing.

“Young people particularly are not happy. We’ve forgotten a little bit about 9/11 and how if we’d have intercepted the right communications, we might have prevented 9/11.”

McCain said Sterling’s comments being recorded are an “invasion of privacy,’ but it should be expected in the world we live in.

Watch the video below:

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