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Nazis, Whores And Paladino: Jon Stewart Reviews Unforced Errors Of The Midterms

In the world of tennis, an “unforced error” is an error made while under no pressure from the opponent, e.g. mishitting a ball or double faulting. Its also a perfect metaphor for some recent and rather absurd political gaffes made by a number of candidates with just weeks left of campaigning in the coming midterm election. In the event that you’ve been ignoring Mediaite for the last few days, Jon Stewart assesses these mistakes, adding comedy jokes (of the humorous variety) as an added value to you, the viewer.

The following clip includes lots of bon mots covering Nazi re-enactor Rich Iott, Jerry Brown‘s “whore-gate,” and of course, the wit and wisdom of NY gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino. A special shout out goes to the way Mr. Stewart has fun with the on-air chemistry between everyman Joe Scarborough and his tony co-host Mika Brzezinski.

Side note to Daily Show producers: when are you going to spin-off a show for J.R. Havlan and Jimmy Donn (who make a funny cameo in the Iott callback?) Havlan and Donn would be comedy gold!

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