‘Our Conspiracy Theory President is at it Again’: Brian Stelter Reacts to Trump’s Wiretap Accusation

Following President Donald Trump taking to Twitter this morning to lob explosive accusations at former President Barack Obama, claiming that Obama wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower, CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter reacted with concern over Trump’s sources of info.

“Our conspiracy theory president is at it again,” Stelter noted this morning on CNN. “Whenever something like this happens I wonder what are the president’s sources of information? Where is he getting these ideas?”

He continued, “It could be from intelligence briefings, classified intelligence briefings. In that case he might be sharing classified information on Twitter.”

Stelter would then note that based on how early the tweets were sent out, he highly doubted that Trump had received an intel briefing at that time. Instead, it appears that this derived from a Mark Levin radio segment that was later covered by Breitbart, which he explained was apparently passed around by Trump aides prior to Trump’s tweets.

Asked if this speaks to a possible pattern of the president’s, Stelter said “it was reckless” and that senior members of the Trump administration know that it’s reckless.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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