comScore Parents TV Watchdog Slams Media for Not Censoring Profanities Amid #Shitholegate

Parents TV Watchdog Slams Media for Not Censoring Profanities Amid #Sh*tholegate

A broadcast standards advocacy group has reportedly filed a complaint against NBC over all the expletives that have been said on air due to President Trump‘s remarks about “sh*thole countries.”

Ever since the news broke on Trump’s remarks, there’s been an uptick in profanity on the airwaves thanks to everyone holding uncensored discussions about the president’s racially-charged comments. According to Washington Times, the Parents Television Council — a group founded by Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell — is asking NBC and other networks to stop allowing the broadcast of naughty language.

“We believe that it’s wise not to expose children to that kind of harmful language, no matter whether it’s news or entertainment programming,” said Council president Tim Winter. “We urge NBC to reconsider its policies about airing that kind of language on its network, in order to help protect children.”

If you want an idea of how many times the word “shithole” has been said on broadcast over the last few days, here’s a compilation video VICE News came up with.

This came out three days ago, so you can safely assume that it came up plenty of times since then considering it’s been a recurring topic of national interest.

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