People In This CA Community Are Bugging Out That a Woman Walked Her Dog From the Car

A woman named Amanda Brajkovich took a video in Stockton, California, the other day that has locals up in arms. She saw a woman driving a car with a “rope” hanging out the window. Attached to the lead was a dog.

She confronted the dog-driver, who told her that there was no tension on the rope and the dog enjoyed being walked like that. Still, other pet owners and community members are speaking out.

When approached by Fox 40, Ramon Gonzalez said, “You shouldn’t have a pet if you’re going to doing that because that’s not right to be walking your dog through a car.”

David Pericle agreed, saying, “They should… shouldn’t be doing that. They should think twice about it; it’s too dangerous. The dog could get hurt running out in the street like that.”

The police department, however, doesn’t see any animal cruelty. They told Fox 40 that had an officer been present, the operator of the vehicle would have simply been cited for distracted driving.

What do you think? Is the community right to freak out or are they making too big of a deal out of this?

[image via screengrab]

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