Police Arrest Six at Flint Water Crisis Town Hall


A town hall meeting on Thursday in Flint about the city’s ongoing water crisis resulted in multiple arrests.

According to the Flint Journal, Flint police Chief Tim Johnson warned people attending the meeting that his department would be quick to make arrests if the proceedings were, in his estimation, disturbed.

“I just want to make sure this meeting goes off the way it’s supposed to and that everybody’s respecting everyone,” Johnson told the crowd. “Please don’t be in here trying to disrupt this meeting, because if you do I’m going to escort you out and I’m only going to take you to the back door and then you’re going to jail. I’m not going to play with nobody tonight.”

Per the Flint Journal, men were being prohibited from wearing hats into the meeting — which was held at a Baptist Church. Several did not want to remove their hats, arguing that they had the right to wear them because the Church was hosting an official town function. The men were then reportedly asked to leave.

Footage taken by The Young Turks shows several people being arrested. The Flint Journal reported that six people were arrested in all. Charges reportedly included assaulting an officer, interfering with police, and disorderly conduct.

You can watch footage from the scene above, taken by The Young Turks reporter (and Mediaite columnist) Jordan Chariton.

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