Presenting… Our Media Winners And Losers In The Debt Crisis Story

The opinion news media (and, ahem, those who cover it) have experienced something of a love/hate relationship to the debt crisis. On the one hand, it’s nearly impossible to create engaging, insightful commentary on the fact that something is still not happening. But, then again, the opinion news machine is nothing if not creative in what it elects to report on and the narratives spun out of these headlines. So let’s take a moment and analyze those in the media who came out on top in their coverage of the debt discussions, be that coverage straightforward reporting or subjective analysis, and those who dropped the ball somewhere along the way.

Take a look at our gallery and let us know: Do you agree with our choices? Vehemently disagree? Have you sworn to ever read anything debt-related ever again? And who would you have added or removed from our lists?

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