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Robert Gibbs Reveals White House Is Taking Koran Burning Event Very Seriously

During today’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs addressed the news controversy du jour: the planned “Burn A Koran” event planned for September 11th by Florida minister Terry Jones. In the event that anyone believes this is a silly, trumped story during a slow news week, Gibbs’ grave and solemn explanation of the administration’s position on this story revealed that the White House is far from taking this story lightly.

While Gibbs’ demurred on many details of how the President might specifically be involved with efforts to stop the planned burning, he did reveal that pretty much all options are on the table, including perhaps having Mr. Obama call Rev. Jones directly. The heart of his comments can best be summed up with the following excerpt:

There are very few issues that we have seen unite across a political spectrum, both Democrats and Republicans have spoken against this.

There is no doubt that this has the potential to set back our ability to keep our soldiers safe, our abilities to keep our country safe, set back our efforts to demonstrate that we are, as both this President and the President before have said, we are not at war with a our religion.

We are at war with those who have perverted the values and beliefs of that religion and who, I would point out, have killed more of their own religion than anyone else.

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