Seth Meyers Laces Into Trump For Appointing Whitaker: He’s a ‘Grifter Who Surrounds Himself With Other Grifters’

Seth Meyers went after President Donald Trump Monday night for naming Matt Whitaker as acting Attorney General.

In his “Closer Look” segment Monday, the NBC host chided Trump for sidling up to Whitaker — who has received scrutiny for promoting products from a Miami-based company called World Patent Marketing which has been accused of defrauding its customers.

“Grifters always think they can outsmart everyone else,” Meyers said. “And that’s what Trump is. A grifter who surrounds himself with other grifters.

“Right now, as we speak, Trump is being sued in Federal court for defrauding investors. He [also] just appointed an acting attorney general who advised a firm accused of scamming customers.”

Meyers detailed Whitaker’s involvement with World Patent Marketing — including the playing of a clip showing the acting attorney general pitching a specially designed hot tub for people who physically require an accessible tub.

“That’s right,” Meyers said. “The new attorney general of the United States was involved in a scam selling hot tubs. Not only does this administration keep adding grifters, the scams keep getting worse.”

Watch above, via NBC.

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