Take One Guess Who Infamous Baseball Black Sheep Pete Rose Endorsed for President

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.15.48 AMPete Rose may have finished his career with a whopping 4,256 hits — enough for first place all-time in baseball history — but is still not enshrined in Cooperstown. Rose after all famously bet on baseball while serving as both a player and a manager, and has been an asterisk at best in the history of the game, despite the on-field prowess he showed for years as a member of the Cincinnati Reds.

Controversy has always swirled around the complicated legacy of Pete Rose, better known in many circles by the endearing moniker “Charlie Hustle”. And since Rose is a wildly divisive figure, is it any surprise that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump took to Twitter to show off the support from his newest friend?

According to, Trump told a crowd at a rally in West Chester, Ohio Sunday, “We gotta let Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame!” The stump speech came just two days before voters head to the polls for the Ohio primary, so time will tell if a swinging endorsement from Pete Rose is enough to topple the support of incumbent Governor John Kasich, who currently hold a slim lead over Trump in the Buckeye State.

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