‘Talk a Little Bit of Sh*t’: Protestor Rips Trump, Drops On-Air Expletive in MSNBC Rant

Meet Marcus — a Hamburg, Germany local who was on the ground to protest President Donald Trump‘s arrival prior to the G-20 summit. Marcus was stopped by MSNBC’s Keir Simmons and asked to share his thoughts on Trump.

Marcus could hardly contain his laughter.

“I think he’s jelly,” Marcus said, laughing. “And in his head is only a vacuum. That’s all.”

Simmons pressed on — and perhaps MSNBC executives wish, in retrospect, that he hadn’t. Because Marcus was about to drop a four-letter word.

“All big politicals, they all have own mind (sic). So they do anything,” Marcus said. “Yeah. Get together, talk a little bit of shit, and that’s it.”

Simmons played off the moment like a pro and with good humor.

“All right, Marcus!” Simmons said. “Thanks very much. Good to meet you. It’s live television, so we’ll have to apologize for a little bit of an expletive there.”

Authorities in Hamburg are expecting on-air expletives to be among the more tame offenses committed by the protestors on Thursday. Simmons reports that more than 20,000 police have gathered at the protest site, and merchants have boarded up windows. The protest has been called “G-20: Welcome to hell.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

[featured image via screengrab]


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