‘Texts From Hillary’ Sensation Sweeps The Nation

Taking social media by storm late this week is Texts From Hillary, a Tumblr featuring various random people texting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, juxtaposed with witty captions. According to Facebook API code, the blog has been liked more than 100,000 times and has been shared with over 55,000 Facebook users.

The body of the work is comprised of two appropriated photos from October 2011 of Clinton sitting in a military C-17 plane looking down at her Blackberry: one by Reuters photographer Kevin Lamarque, and Time photographer Diana Walker, attached to various others, and adorned with cutting snarkery.

The Tumblr was born Wednesday night by two DC-based communications professionals Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith who were just goofing around over drinks.

“Mind you, this all happened at the bar after a few drinks,” Lambe told Mashable’s Alex Fitzpatrick. “But when you hang out with Tumblr friends — these are the kind of things you discuss.”

“We quickly decided it should be turned into a meme (that the two of us would have a laugh about),” Lambe explained to Yahoo News’ Phoebe Connelly via email. “The site is meant to be a compliment to Hillary. Hopefully, everyone gets that.”

(h/t Mashable)

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