Lady Gaga Surpasses President Obama With 10 Million Facebook Friends

Lady Gaga might not be so popular with everybody on the Internet, but no one would know that by looking at her Facebook profile – Gossip Cop just broke the news that the pop culture juggernaut has become the first living person to reach (and rapidly exceed) 10 million fans on the social networking site.

10 million might not seem like much on paper, so here’s a quick point of reference to put this in context: the population of Sweden is around 9.4 million. Lady Gaga has more minions than Sweden has inhabitants.

Gossip Cop previously reported on June 25 that Gaga and President Barack Obama were both on the verge of reaching the 10 million fan milestone, Gaga trailing Obama with 9,023,966 fans compared to the president‘s 9,058,881. It only took a week for her to acquire almost 1 million new followers, pushing her over the edge and making her officially more Facebook popular than the leader of the free world, who is still about half a million away from reaching the big 1-0 himself.

Gaga posted a video on her profile today thanking her fans for helping her accomplish such a momentous feat, telling viewers “Become my friend on Facebook, I’ll never forget you.” Every last million of you.

Gratulerar, Gaga! That’s Swedish for congrats.

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