Trump Retweets Supporter’s Meme to Mock Clinton’s Post-Election Book


President Trump recently returned from his visit to flood-ravaged Texas and Louisiana, so he decided to get back on his phone and retweet another random Twitter supporter. This one provided him with a new way to make fun of Hillary Clinton.

In a few days, Clinton will release What Happened, a collection of memoirs which is expected to shed some light on her thoughts about the 2016 election. Shortly after Trump returned to the capital, he decided to send this meme out into the Twitterverse:

The mocking image about Clinton’s book was one of several memes sent by the same Twitter user, who was responding to a clip Trump previously tweeted.

Trump went on to tweet about the “cooperation & coordination” he saw down South while reminding everyone that Sunday is a national day of prayer for those who have suffered due to Hurricane Harvey.

Most politicians tend to keep their distance from random Twitter people, but then again, Trump is known to retweet his supporters and share the memes they make in his glory.

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