Trump Supporter Claims to The Daily Show That the Clintons Got AIDS From Magic Johnson

In the video you’re about to watch, a man going to a Donald Trump rally told a Daily Show correspondent his theory that Bill Clinton got AIDS “messing around with that Magic Johnson,” then gave it to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Other’s speculated about whether she has Parkinson’s disease and a body double.

“I went to a Trump rally to find out what else they know that the rest of us don’t,” explained Jordan Klepper as the video began. As you may know, conspiracy theories about Clinton’s health have been a hot topic for a few weeks.

Ultimately, Klepper was told that President Barack Obama is a Muslim and a terrorist, too. He also learned that Obama is responsible for 9/11 because he “wasn’t in the Oval Office” when it happened.

Watch above to see him show a man two copies of the same photo of Clinton and ask which one is the body double. (Spoiler alert: The man is convinced that the photo on the left looks much different than the one on the right.)

[image via screengrab]

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