Trump: We’d Be at War With North Korea if Not For Me


As Donald Trump delivered a new series of morning Twitter ramblings, he slammed the “fake news” media while defending his administration’s handling of North Korea.

When the president met with Kim Jong Un in Singapore several weeks ago, he insisted that he reached an understanding with the dictator that will inevitably result in North Korea’s denuclearization. Even though the agreement Trump signed with Kim didn’t spell out any specific framework for the rogue nation’s denuclearization, the president has insisted that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat to the United States.

Many political observers and media figures have recently expressed new skepticism about talks with North Korea, particularly due to indications that they don’t really intend to denuclearize. Satellite imaging suggests that the North Koreans are making improvements to their nuclear infrastructure, and reports say they’ve kept up nuclear production at secret locations.

Oh, and a minor note here: it seems Trump is back to calling the media the “fake news” and the ” opposition party” after the recent attack on the Capital Gazette.

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