Tucker Carlson Dismisses Russian Meddling: Mexico Interferes Too By Having Immigrants Pack ‘Our Electorate’


There haven’t been many defenders of President Donald Trump this Monday — on the heels of his surreal press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Few, in the hours of cable news punditry following the spectacle in Helsinki, have dared minimize the issue of Russian election interference.

But fear not, Trump backers. Here comes Tucker Carlson to the rescue.

Appearing via satellite from Finland in advance of his interview with the U.S. president slated for air Tuesday night, Carlson made a brief cameo on The Five. And in what came off as a bizarre defense of Trump, Carlson attempted to downplay Russian meddling by saying the following:

“I think of course they try to interfere in our affairs. They have for a long time. Many countries do. Some more successfully than Russia, like Mexico — which is routinely interfering in our elections by packing our electorate.”

Carlson added: “The idea that where you are on Russia is the defining question, that’s kind of demented, actually. It’s like number 115 on the list of real concerns — at least in my mind.

“Maybe I’m the demented one.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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