Two CNBC Employees Fired for Theft, Caught by ‘NSA-Style Operation’

CNBC has plenty of programming showing why crime doesn’t pay, and apparently two of its employees didn’t get the message. The New York Post reports that two employees from the business network were fired for stealing supplies and equipment from the network’s Englewood Cliffs headquarters.

But CNBC didn’t just discover what these two employees had been up to, they actually set up their own sting operation to catch them in the act, using hidden cameras like this was part of a reality show.

One female assistant was terminated for swiping makeup from the green room and reselling it, while a second staffer was let go after he was revealed to be running an outside studio using stolen CNBC equipment, the source said.

“They organized a sting operation where they went to the location and saw all the equipment,” said the source. “They have an NSA-style operation going on over there to catch people breaking the rules.”

You know, if CNBC is looking for more reality programming, they could always just place hidden cameras around the building and just let the magic happen.

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