Watch British Lawmaker Insult Prime Minister In the Most British Way Evah, Old Chap

Since the Panama Papers were leaked earlier this month, there has been a lot of international conversation. Across the pond, that conversation turned sort of heated.

Check out Labour MP Dennis Skinner using some British slang in his British accent to insult the British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Here’s how the BBC described what just happened:

Labour MP Dennis Skinner has been suspended from Parliament for the day for calling the Prime Minister “dodgy Dave”. He was speaking in the Commons after David Cameron went there to defend his own financial affairs in the wake of the so-called Panama Papers scandal. The Commons Speaker John Bercow asked Dennis Skinner to withdraw his use of the term “dodgy” but the MP repeated the word – forcing Mr Bercow to eject him from the Commons.

The goings-on of the UK are one big mystery.

[image via screengrab]

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