When Bill Clinton’s Around, Pregnant Women Just Start Having Babies

This is basically what former Pres. Bill Clinton said over the weekend, at an Ohio campaign rally for Gov. Ted Strickland and Rep. John Boccieri.

Boccieri had to rush off stage when his wife went into labor – and Clinton, at the mic, took credit for inducing her labor. I mean, of course.

“His wife’s having a baby,” Strickland said to Clinton as he was speaking. “He has to leave.”

“The baby’s now being born, tell him goodbye!” Clinton told the crowd. Then, he revealed a secret power: “You’d be amazed how many times I take a picture with a very pregnant woman and she immediately gives birth like that.”

It’s not exactly like he’s saying he induces pregnancy, but still a classic Clintonism. Then he took it further, telling the grandparents in attendance, “I would like some credit for your fifth grandchild being born into the world. We got another Democrat, I wish we could register that baby before it’s too late.”

Tonight, Pres. Clinton is in Florida, campaigning with Kendrick Meek – the candidate he was rumored to have asked to drop out. We’ll see if any babies drop out at the event.

Check it out (via CNN):

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