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Woman Arrested After Calling 911 to Get Cop to ‘F*ck Me’

A woman was arrested last Friday night after she called 911 attempting to get a police officer to her house because, as she told the officer when he arrived, “I haven’t been penetrated in years” and “I am so horny.” Now, would you like to take a guess as to which state this occurred in? Go ahead, just guess. It’s not that hard to imagine where this came from.

Did you guess Florida? Congratulations, we have a winner!!!

Yes, Florida woman Maria Montenez-Colon called 911 saying she was lonely and… well, you know… and she wanted them to send over a cop to her house for some “extra duty” because she really likes him and gag reflex launching in 3… 2… 1…

And this is what happened when the officer showed up.

The officer tried to steer the conversation back to the topic of the call, asking what he could do for her.

Montenez-Colon’s response was “You can [expletive] me,” according to the report.

And when the officer refused to [expletive] her, she got very upset, called 911 to send over a second officer, and complained to him that the first one turning down the offer to [expletive] her “made me angry.”

[Expletive]ing Florida, am I right?

Watch the video below, via WBBH:

[h/t Gawker]

[photo via screengrab]

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