Giuliani Claims Michael Cohen is Not Flipping on Trump, ‘Nor Do We Care’


Appearing on The Ingraham Angle on Wednesday, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani insisted that despite earlier reports, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is not cooperating with authorities.

He also suggested that even if Cohen is cooperating, Team Trump doesn’t care.

“I do not believe he is gonna tell a falsehood, and I think he’s gonna tell the truth and we are very comfortable with that,” Giuliani said reacting to reports that a fed-up Cohen might flip.

He added that despite earlier reports, he talked to Cohen and doesn’t think he will flip.

“I checked into this last night, it’s not so. He’s not cooperating. Nor do we care, because the president did nothing wrong.” Giuliani said.

Giuliani’s claims come after multiple reports that Cohen feared being arrested and, after changing lawyers, may soon flip on his longtime friend and client, Trump.

Cohen has been under a criminal investigation — separate from the special counsel probe — for months.

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