House Member Rants About Public’s Disdain for Congress: At Least We’re More Popular Than ‘Ebola’


During a rowdy and ruckus Joint Judiciary and Oversight committee hearing on Thursday, FBI agent Peter Strzok was hammered with questions from House Republicans who on more than one occasion used the televised opportunity to Congress at work to descend into bickering, petty politicking and shouting amongst themselves.

Yet, in perhaps one of the best lowlights of the afternoon’s trainwreck, one House Member even took time to get on the record that Congress was less likable than colonoscopies and head lice.

“You told Miss Paige and I will quote here, ‘I loathe Congress and she agreed,'”  Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH) told Strzok.

He continued on: “Now, You are in probably in pretty good company there. A survey I saw a while back about Congress that found us less popular than root canals and head lice and colonoscopies, although we did beat out playground bullies and the Ebola virus.”

Then, Chabot said this: “This is not about us. It is about you and whether or not the American people can have the confidence and the investigations that you were involved in and whether you were fair and unbiased when you investigated both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Would you agree with that?”

Strzok replied, “I appreciate that is concern very much…I have the utmost respect for Congress and its role of oversight and passing laws of any of the functions.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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