Sorry, Chechnya LGBT Murders Don’t Prove ‘Christian Countries Do it Too’

College Suspends Christian Student For Challenging Muslim Professor

Is Khizr Khan Being Prevented From Traveling? Explosive Tweet Raises More Questions Than Answers

GOP Lawmaker Presents Muslim High-Schoolers With Questionnaire Asking if They Beat Their Wives

Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick Testified Before Congress Defending Muslims’ Civil Rights

Trump ‘Will Get Rid of All of You’: Man Arrested, Facing Hate Crime Charges For Kicking Muslim Woman

NYPD Will Now Allow Muslims and Sikhs to Wear Turbans and Grow Beards in Uniform

Mayor Bill de Blasio Rips New York Muslim Woman Who Faked Subway Attack by Trump Supporters

REPORT: Woman Made False Claim That She Was Victim of Anti-Muslim Attack by Trump Supporters

‘I Think Mr. Trump is Uninformed’: George Takei Answers CNN Anchor Asking if He Thinks Trump’s Evil

Trump is Going to ‘Cleanse America’: California Mosques Receive Threatening Letter

‘You’re Not Answering the Question’: MSNBC Host Grills Muslim Trump Voter Over Hate Crimes

Police: Muslim Student Fabricated Report About Being Assaulted by Man in Trump Hat

Trump Surrogate Declares Obama Is a Muslim: ‘If It Acts Like a Duck…’

Trump Advisor Carl Paladino: There’s ‘No Doubt’ That Obama is a Muslim

As Muslim Speaker Took Stage at RNC, Someone Shouted ‘No Islam!’

RNC Speaker Antonio Sabato Jr.: Obama’s a Muslim, ‘I Don’t Believe’ He’s Christian

Bill Maher Has a Fear of Muslims Who Talk Back

Trump Tweets Story Claiming There’s a ‘Secret Memo’ Of Obama Supporting ISIS

Donald Trump Not-So-Subtly Implies President Obama Is a Secret Muslim

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