Fox News Contributor: Not Enough Time in This Segment to List Reasons Black People Won’t Vote For Trump


Fox News contributor Richard Fowler argued on Outnumbered Tuesday that regardless of Joe Biden’s record, President Donald Trump doesn’t have a shot with black voters.

After Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner compared the records of Trump and Biden — pointing out the current president passed prison reform — Fowler countered that Trump is simply a “nonstarter” for African-Americans.

“If you talk to African-American voters as a whole, they will say that Donald Trump is a nonstarter for various reasons. There’s a litany of reasons I could list as to why they feel that way. We don’t have time enough time on the segment to list all the reasons why they have a problem with President Donald Trump.”

“Lowest black unemployment in 50 years,” Faulkner said.

“I get that,” Fowler replied. “I think the African-Americans look to what happened in Charlottesville, good people on both sides, they look to the fact that he called Caribbean countries and African countries ‘s-hole places.’ I mean we could go on and on and on about his litany, his record of disrespecting African-American communities.”

“Which is why these voters do not like him, period,” Fowler said.

Despite low unemployment under the Trump administration, his approval rating amongst blacks has hardly improved. Gallup’s latest poll pegged it at 18%. That’s a significant uptick from 6% in January, but it remains the case that, per Gallup’s polling, Trump has never received more than 20% approval from black voters.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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