Ken Starr Fears Mueller Report Will Not Be ‘Fair and Balanced’


Former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr appeared on Fox News to express concern with the Mueller report, scheduled for release in a redacted form on Thursday, due to what he sees as bias against President Donald Trump.

The source of bias that concerns Starr most? The political leanings of the staff put together by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, himself a lifelong Republican. Starr’s concern echoes the comments made repeatedly by Trump in tweets designed to undermine the findings of the Mueller investigation.

Starr opened up by calling it “frustrating” that the report will be redacted — in a process led by Attorney General William Barr‘s office — before calling it a “fair concern” whether the report is “going to be written in a fair and balanced way.”

He explained that this “fair and balanced” concern lies with Mueller’s “choice of staff.”

“So many questions have been raised about that staff and their leanings and so forth. They’ve had the opportunity without any kind of check or balance to write whatever they want to write. And that I think legitimately raises the concern of fairness and balance,” he said.

Starr led an investigation into former President Bill Clinton that ultimately led to impeachment proceedings just over 20 years ago. There is bipartisan agreement that the independent counsel investigation was overly politicized and the GOP took a big political hit as a result. So there’s that.

Watch above via Fox News.

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