Radio Host Chip Franklin Holds Up John McCain Photo on Fox in ‘Off-The Rails’ Moment

Radio host Chip Franklin briefly derailed a Fox News segment by holding up a photo of the late Sen. John McCain in reference to reports that President Donald Trump’s administration ordered the ship named in his honor to be covered.

Anchor Leland Vittert asked why Franklin was holding up a picture of McCain silently while he was speaking with another panelist.

“In the off chance the president is watching, it’s to remind him of the real heroes of this country,” Franklin responded.

Vittert cut him off and shook his hands.

“Alright, this went off-the-rails,” Vittert said, ending the segment.

Franklin later posted a follow-up tweet, saying the demonstration was in reference to earlier comments by acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney about the USS John McCain’s covering.

“The president’s feelings about the former senator are well-known, the fact that a low-level person might have asked the question shouldn’t surprise anybody. We think it’s much ado about nothing,” Mulvaney told Fox’s Chris Wallace earlier Sunday.

Watch above, via Fox News

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