Sarah Sanders Challenged on Trump’s Anti-Press Rhetoric in Light of Terror Plot Planned Against Journalists


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked if she thinks President Donald Trump’s rhetoric helps fuel terror plots against journalists and politicians, using the recent arrest of a “white nationalist” Coast Guard lieutenant.

“He was planning a plot against Democrats, against journalists. The president has tweeted the media is the enemy of the people. Is there any plan for the president to maybe tone down his rhetoric? Do you think this contributes to these sorts of extremists getting these ideas,” a reporter asked.

“I certainly don’t think that,” Sanders replied. “The president [hasn’t] at any point has done anything but condemn violence, against journalists or anyone else. In fact, every single time something like this happens, the president is typically one of the first people to condemn the violence and the media is the first people to condemn the president.”

Sanders said the country should all come together to condemn these types of acts, whether it be against the media, Democrats or Republicans.

Federal prosecutors say Christopher P. Hasson researched how to carry out various types of terrorist attacks at home and at work. He also had an Excel spreadsheet hit list that included top Democratic members of Congress and media personalities, according to The Washington Post.

Watch above, via ABC News.

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