Andrew Yang Blasts MSNBC to Wolf Blitzer: ‘All I’ll Say is I Miss CNN Moderating the Debates!’

Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang appeared on CNN Thursday evening and did not mince words when Wolf Blitzer asked about Wednesday’s primary debate hosted by rival cable news network MSNBC.

Yang has had a tough run of luck with MSNBC recently, as he has been found missing on multiple graphics listing Democratic hopefuls. And things didn’t exactly start out great for him Wednesday night, as it was over a half-hour before he was directly asked a question.

So it was in this context that Blitzer asked “It went on for more than two hours. You only got to speak and we did some checking, you can see over there, about six and a half minutes or so. That’s probably half that some of the other candidates got. Do you think that was fair?”

Yang did not demur in his reply, saying “You know, Wolf, all I can say is I miss CNN moderating these debates.”

He then proceeded to explain why he was aggrieved though in his signature confident and charming manner. “America saw it, and I went 32 minutes without a question and I was raising my hand trying to get a word in edgewise during that time,” he noted, adding “So when you all moderated the debate it was straight up the middle, it was professional and we got real substantive topics.”

Watch above via CNN.

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