AP Reporter Asks State Dept. Spokeswoman If Obama, Kerry Had ‘Group Spine-Removal Procedure’

The Associated Press’ Matt Lee was incredulous over President Obama’s decision to ask for congressional approval to attack Syria during a press briefing at the State Department today. Lee asked spokeswoman Jen Psaki if there was a “group spine-removal procedure at the White House over the weekend.”

Lee appeared to be baffled by Secretary of State John Kerry’s use of the word “courageous” to describe Obama’s actions. “I don’t understand why he is so full-throatedly in favor of this,” Lee said. “He over the weekend said the president was acting courageously by taking this to Congress, and I don’t understand what is courageous about asking permission for something that you say you don’t need and to do what you believe to be the right thing not just morally but in general.”

Psaki attempted to explain Kerry’s comments, but only got a handful of words out before Lee interrupted her. “Was there some kind of, like, group spine-removal procedure at the White House over the weekend?” he asked. “I don’t understand. How is this courageous?”

Again, Psaki tried to answer the question, saying that while the president has the “authority to act,” Obama and Kerry decided that their case would be “strengthened” by congressional support.

Watch video below, via YouTube:

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