Avenatti: ‘Senators are Going After Me Because They See Me as a Big Threat’

Speaking to MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt on Sunday, Michael Avenatti insisted that he is aware of many witnesses that could corroborate the claims of his client, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick.

Hunt started by asking if there are “potential witnesses who were at these parties who can corroborate her story?”

“I’ve spoken to many witnesses,” Avenatti replied. “I’ve been clear for the last week that there are corroborating witnesses. You know, we just didn’t make this up out of whole cloth. I mean, I didn’t just reach into the ether and find some woman to sign a false declaration.”

Hunt made it clear that she was not accusing him of that.

“I know you’re not, but others are. And it’s offensive. And it’s disgusting,” Avenatti continued on. “These senators are going after me because they see me as a big threat.”

He added: “I am a big threat to them. And that’s — and they’re afraid of what my client might tell them. And they’re afraid of what my client might tell the FBI. We have evidence. We have facts. We have witnesses. And I don’t understand for the life of me how you can call this investigation anything other than a sham and a con job if they are refusing to sit down with my client even for an hour.”

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