CNN’s John King: Sondland’s Testimony Guaranteed the House Is Going to Impeach President Trump

CNN’s John King put as fine a point on Gordon Sondland’s bombshell testimony before the House Intelligence Committee Wednesday morning, saying that the European Ambassador’s explanation of events surrounding President Donald Trump’s controversial dealings with Ukraine “guarantee the House of Representatives is going to impeach the President of the United States.”

King said, “If you had any doubt that the Democrats were going to blink at the last minute, that the Democrats were going to say ‘because of this witness we’re not so sure, let’s leave it to the voters’ …forget about that.”

He then explained that Sondland, the central figure in this, “who says ‘everyone was in the loop, and everyone knew this is what we were doing and it came from the president and he told us to work through Rudy,’ that’s all the Democrats need to go forward.”

King then noted that, as of today, there’s zero evidence that the Democrats will “get Republican votes,” before doubling down his initial claim that, after Sondland’s testimony, “the House is going to impeach the President of the United States. That is now certain.”

Watch above via CNN.

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