CNN’s Toobin: Doesn’t Trump ‘Have a Point’ That Anonymous Op-Ed Is ‘Gutless’?

Late this afternoon, President Donald Trump said the op-ed run by The New York Times from an anonymous White House official is “gutless.”

The White House has called the official a “coward” who should resign immediately.

The Washington Post‘s David Swerdlick told Wolf Blitzer about the President, “It’s either that he doesn’t understand the degree to which people are trying to restrain him or he just doesn’t want to acknowledge it. Throughout his career he’s never backtracked, never apologized. He doesn’t have a reverse gear. And so I don’t expect him to back off on this.”

CNN political reporter Rebecca Berg noted Trump’s long history of trashing anonymous sources and how the person writing this op-ed took a “big risk.”

But Jeffrey Toobin, who rarely agrees with Trump, felt he made a fair point today:

“Doesn’t the President have a point, though, that it’s gutless? I mean, what’s up with this person? Why are they working there?… Why did this person go to work for Donald Trump in the first place? Who did he think he was, George Herbert Walker Bush? There’s nothing surprising here.”

You can watch the video above, via CNN.

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