Colbert: Don Jr.’s Emails Have Turned a ‘Nothingburger’ Into an ‘All-You-Can-Prosecute Buffet’

On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert kicked off his show by admitting to his audience that he had a “full Trump-on” and that he was “sporting a Donald Jr.”

“Who could have predicted that an email scandal would taint a presidential campaign?” he quipped.

He then ripped Donald Trump Jr. for tweeting his emails out earlier that morning.

“What are you doing?!?” Colbert screamed to the camera. “Who told him to do this? Does he even have a lawyer?!?”

He noted that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus called Trump Jr.’s meeting a “nothingburger,” but these emails have “turned it into an all-you-can-prosecute buffet.”

Colbert then began reading the emails out loud, but had a coughing fit.

“I’m sorry, I just got a little cough because of this smoking gun I just found,” as he held up a prop smoking gun.

He slammed Trump Jr. for responding to Rod Goldstone‘s email with “I love it.”

“You’re not talking about a sparkling rosé with some toasted figs and some soft brie you flaming douchebag!” Colbert reacted.

The Late Show host went on to issue an apology to Trump Jr.’s brother Eric Trump.

“We always thought you were the dumb one. We were wrong,” he stated.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.


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