Colbert Mocks Don Jr.’s Halloween Tweet: ‘It’s Never Too Early To Teach Kids The Dangers of Sharing’

On Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert took shots at Donald Trump Jr. for his politically-charged Halloween tweet.

Don Jr. posted the following on Twitter in order to score political points against socialism.

“Yes, it’s never too early to teach kids the dangers of sharing,” Colbert reacted. “Also, it’s never too early to learn the proper spelling of the word ‘too.'”

Colbert bet the other ‘o’ “went to a poor person.”

The Late Show host insisted that no kid would voluntarily “sit at home” on Halloween.

“I’m worried about that kid who didn’t go out. Why? Is he okay? Is that child caring for a sick parent?” Colbert asked. “You know what would be a nice thing to do? Give him half your Halloween candy.”

He did concede that Don Jr. was right about one thing: “There’s plenty of economic theory that you can teach using sweets,” which he followed up with a pun-filled slamming.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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