Dan Abrams Warns: Trump’s Impeachment Jurors Will Be GOP Senators He’s Angering Now

Mediaite founder, and ABC News Chief Legal Analyst, Dan Abrams offered a stark warning to President Donald Trump and his political allies over possible impeachment proceedings.

Appearing on Friday morning’s Good Morning America, Abrams offered insight into a remarkable Thursday news day that saw Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney announce plans to host the 2020 G7 conference at Trump’s Doral Resort, and seemingly admit to the “quid pro quo” dealings with Ukraine that lies at the center of the current House impeachment inquiry.

But neither of those stunning developments appear to more relevant to the existential threat facing Trump’s presidency in the eyes of Abrams, as it’s Trump’s seemingly whimsical foreign policy dealings with Turkey, Syria, the Kurds and ISIS that is undermining his support with Republican Senators.

Abrams noted that it now seems likely that the House will proceed with an impeachment vote — and the Democratically-controlled Congressional chamber has the votes — and that the trial to remove the president from the office will move to the Senate.

Abrams hedged with “It seems unlikely the Senate will convict,” adding “keep an eye on the jurors.”

“They’re angry at the president,”  and “in any jury selection, that’s not a good idea.” Noting that there’s no “change of venue in this trial,” he noted that it would be wise to “watch Lindsey Graham and others like him.”

Watch above via ABC.

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