Don Lemon Mocks Trump’s Changing Description of His Wall: ‘Come on, Y’all. Can We Be Real?’

On Friday night,  CNN’s Don Lemon played a montage of all of President Donald Trump‘s many — and wildly different —  descriptions of his wall.

“Hardened concrete,” Trump said in one clip, while in another one he said the wall would be very high.

“A beautiful, gorgeous, big wall that they’re going to name Trump someday,” he said in a third.

“See-through,” he opines on another occasion while in still another he stressed the wall also needed a “door.”

Then Trump said this: “If I build this wall or fence or anything the Democrats need to call it — and the wall is made out of steel instead of concrete — I think people will like that.”

In response, Lemon laughed.

“There was everything in there except for a moat with alligators lapping at immigrants’ rear-ends,” the CNN host said. “Oh, my gosh. Come on, y’all. Can we be real?”

Watch above, via CNN

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