Former Nixon Lawyer John Dean on Trump’s Demand NY Times Turn Over Op-Ed Writer: ‘Frighteningly Dictatorial’

The man who helped bring down Richard Nixon, former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean had a strong reaction to President Donald Trump‘s tweet calling for the New York Times to turn over the name of the author of their anonymous op-ed.

He called it “frighteningly dictatorial.”

Speaking with Don Lemon on Wednesday night, Dean was responding to this tweet:

“That is frighteningly dictatorial,” Dean said after Lemon read the tweet on-air. “It’s not going to happen in our system. It’s like his tweets over the weekend where he wanted to have two congressmen — criticize his attorney general for prosecuting two congressmen who were Republicans. That’s the sort of thing that’s nonsense.”

He also countered the notion in Trump’s tweet that the person who published the op-ed was “gutless.”

“I think they got a lot of guts,” Dean — now a CNN contributor — said.

Earlier in the interview, Dean also speculated that the person who may have written the article — which he noted was likely edited because of the short, journalistic paragraphs — may be none other than White House chief-of-staff John Kelly and pointed to the “off the rails” remark as evidence in support of his educated guess that Kelly was high on the list of potential writers.

Dean also suggested the actual name of the person who wrote the op-ed would come out but likely not until “later.”

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