Fox Biz Analyst Ed Rollins Defends Trump’s Death Toll Tweets: He Thinks Puerto Ricans Are ‘Not For Us Anyway’


Last night we reported that Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs went all-in on supporting President Donald Trump‘s tweets casting doubt on the close-to-3000 deaths in Puerto Rico after the hurricanes last year.

Dobbs kept going Thursday night in a segment with Fox Business analyst Ed Rollins, saying the researchers came up with “ridiculous projects of a death count.”

Dobbs, who tolerates little dissent, was also appalled by Florida Republican candidates Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis going “against the President” on this.

Rollins agreed and said, “DeSantis would not be on the ticket if it wasn’t for the President’s endorsement.”

He continued on to defend Trump:

“The Democrats are playing to Puerto Ricans who moved to this country, moved to Florida politics, and they’re not for us anyway. So at the end of the day here, the president is accurate. This group that’s doing this estimate would say you and I weigh somewhere between 100 and 300 pounds, plus or minus. It’s just ridiculous.”

(For the record, Puerto Ricans are Americans, so they didn’t move “to this country.”)

The “group” that determined the estimate are researchers from George Washington University, who were commissioned by the Puerto Rican government.

Rollins added, “I do statistics all the time, this is the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen.”

Dobbs decried the media for “blindly” taking the numbers, claiming they have “no foundation in fact.”

You can watch the video above, via Fox Business.

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