Fox’s Kurtz: Obama YouTube Interview Was ‘Beneath the Dignity of the Office’

President Obama did an interview earlier today with three very popular YouTube celebrities. The press corps was somewhat flabbergasted by this, given the president’s reticence to engage with them more. Now, considering the three interviewers were all YouTube celebrities, they did actually throw some good questions the president’s way.

But to Fox’s Howard Kurtz, an interview with YouTubers felt “beneath the dignity of the office” of the presidency.

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Both he and Megyn Kelly zoned in on GloZell, a YouTube comedian who they found to be funny, but couldn’t fathom why she got to interview the President of the United States.

And not just for any interview, Kurtz noted, but for the president’s first post-State of the Union interview. He likened this to a “D-list Hollywood after party,” while Kelly wondered if she should be more like GloZell if she ever hopes to get to interview President Obama.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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