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Insane Bodycam Footage Shows Police Recovering Newborn Abandoned In Grocery Bag

A Georgia police department has released shocking bodycam footage from finding a newborn baby girl abandoned in the woods inside a plastic grocery bag.

Local residents called the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office earlier this month when they heard cries from the forest near their home. The family investigated and found an infant crying inside her bag, her umbilical cord still attached to her body, and officials were alerted shortly afterward.

The video from the scene shows officials removing the baby from the bag, wrapping her in a jacket and giving her a first response medical examination. The infant – who has been nicknamed “Baby India” – was taken to the local hospital afterward, and Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman has informed the media that she was in “surprisingly” good condition.

“It was obvious that the baby was a newborn. We believe within hours of our discovery that the baby had been born,” Freeman said, according to ABC. “We want to understand and find out how this baby was abandoned. Thirty-two years, this is the first one I’ve had of an abandoned child in this manner.”

Officials are currently trying to locate India’s parents and are still deciding whether to bring charges against them for child endangerment.

Watch above, via ABC and the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

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