Jake Tapper: Seems Like Obama Admin Was a Little ‘Asleep at the Switch’ on Russian Hacking

CNN’s Jake Tapper got the impression from Friday’s set of indictments in the Mueller investigation that President Barack Obama‘s administration wasn’t the best at deterring or sussing out Russian hackers.

Speaking to former Obama WH official Samantha Vinograd about the indictments, Tapper said: “It’s unfair to hold you responsible for the entire Obama administration, but you read this indictment and you think, ‘Boy, the Obama administration, they really kind of missed the ball on this.”

“I mean, yes, they issued that report, but President Obama said… he told Putin to cut it out or knock it off, it wasn’t particularly strong, and then there was all this hesitation about warning the American people for fear of looking partisan,” he continued. “In retrospect, doesn’t it seem to you that the Obama administration was at least to a degree asleep at the switch?”

“Well, I’m not here to be an apologist for the Obama administration,” Vinograd replied. “I was gone when this happened. But I think we have two separate things here. We have one, what intelligence did we have when this attack started… [and] why were we ineffective in deterring that ongoing attack?”

“Not one president, whether it be Obama or President [Donald] Trump, has figured out how to deter Vladimir Putin,” she added.

Watch above, via CNN.

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